Kevin Barrick

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Creativity is brewing. Kevin Barrick and I met on Twitter and then I learned he was also under contract with my publisher. He has a second book being released in October. Please, introduce yourself. Tell us about your personal life, family, education. I am an American expat living in…

Creativity Brewing

Creativity Brewing Until I have the audience I want, my creative writing blog will remain on blogspot. I’ll be transferring that site onto this WordPress once I purchase a domain. -Kevin Barrick

She is Everything

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She has that strong ability. Having a moment to shine through. Everything in her pure power can open up a bit. Incredibly, her personality is equally great as ever. She’s an open-minded individual. Even her memory is as good as ever. Visualize the good moments in her lifetime. Everything…


From personal recipes to traditional international food, join me on the adventure of tasting the world. I love in Ethiopia where food is spicy, coffee is king, and living is exciting. I will be sharing my crazy encounters with life in a world on the other side of the globe. Paired with my ramblings I…